Cosmo+polis: an internationally important city/destination inhabited by many different people, reflecting in harmony a mosaic of cultures, beliefs and attitudes

Cosmopolis Crete Suites is a family built and run small complex of just 3 independent luxury suites. Our philosophy is about offering an alternative hospitality idea to travellers with taste and style; to those looking to enjoy the cosmopolitan side of the Port of Hersonissos and the marvels of the island of Crete.

Our philosophy is built on the Urban Living Concept: a way of living which includes living in a modern environment of open plan apartments or lofts and enjoying the 'quality of living' of a home that all people dream off. Cosmopolis is a home away from home!

Located in the heart of the most cosmopolitan resort on Crete, the port of Hersonissos, the Urban living concept is ideal to create the perfect holiday environment for those looking for an alternative luxury and in the same time cosy option for their holidays.

The Cosmopolis Crete Suites concept is clean, crisp and fresh.

The advantages of Urban Living & Holidaying in Cosmopolis Crete Suites are:

  • clean, crisp and fresh environment furnished with unique minimal & modern pieces;
  • multi functional rooms, making optimal use of space and natural lighting;
  • amazing verandas with breathtaking views to the Port and Malia Gulf;
  • restaurants, shops, beaches and a huge variety of other activities within easy walking distance;
  • high tech facilities and amenities for modern travellers;
  • independence and comfort in a Home away from Home